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We hope you enjoy our new website, specially designed for Buy Mags customers and professional association members in education.

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Discover a wide selection of the most popular magazines at great prices all in a single place to manage all your magazine subscriptions. All with the added convenience of having all your magazine subscriptions, one simple invoice, and an award-winning customer service team to help you manage any questions you have directly with publishers on your behalf.

Every subscription we offer is authorized by the publisher, backed by a money-back satisfaction guarantee, and powered by EBSCO Industries Inc. – an industry-leading global publishing partner for over 75 years*.

Our new website gives you the ability to create an account, manage your magazine subscriptions, make secure payments, and best of all – renew all of your magazine subscriptions, at one time, all within one account! When your magazine subscriptions are ready to be renewed, we’ll send you an email notice in time to be sure you experience no lapse in service. No need to contact or pay multiple publishers individually or respond to individual renewal notices – we handle it all for you!

*Please note: When you see some websites offering prices that seem too good to be true, they just might be. Please be careful as online magazine sales scams are prevalent.

American Federation of Teachers Customers (AFT)

If you are an AFT member or have purchased from, you are in the right place! Here, you’ll discover the same great deals and specialized publisher support on magazines for your customers. Simply click here to create your online account and make your lobbies, break rooms and patient rooms more relaxing today. When setting up your account, select “AFT” for your account type. If you have any questions about previous purchases, please call or connect with us today.

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